Aeration turns “clear water” (ferrous) iron into “red water” (ferric) iron which is easily caught by a filter. With a Single Tank Aerator and our special media, both aeration and filtration can be performed in the same tank. 

Using Nature’s Own Process
Efficient and Chemical Free
  • Our Iron Plus system includes an electronic control valve that automatically back washes the tank to clean the media and flush everything down the drain.​

  • A daily backwash will remove accumulated iron and replenish the filter media bed. The regeneration process also adds a fresh air pocket to the system.

  • By utilizing a piston in the control valve, this system is able to put the whole oxidation process inside one tank, keeping maintenance costs and down time to a minimum.   ​

  • Our systems can remove up to 8 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide and up to 7 ppm Iron.


Island H2O Iron Plus


By reducing the iron and sulfur buildup in your water your appliances will last longer. Rust and slime buildup make your appliances work harder and less efficiently, requiring more maintenance or replacement.

These naturally occurring elements can be removed using nature’s own process of oxidation. Our system maintains an “air pocket” in the top of the tank while the system is in service. As water passes through the air pocket, iron and sulfur are oxidized. The Island H2O Iron Filter Plus Special Media bed then removes the oxidized iron and sulfur from the water. Additionally, dissolved oxygen is added to the water.

The Island H2O Iron Plus, has a single tank system, is an efficient and cost effective system. The need for additional equipment...air tanks, feed pumps, or harsh chemicals (like those used in Manganese Green sand Systems) is virtually eliminated!*

Will not remove calcium or hardness from water, there may be a need for a water softener after the Iron Filter Plus.

Iron and Sulfur are two of the most common elements found in nature, while both are extremely important for every day life, both are a nuisance in water and can cost you money and frustration.

Iron staining is a common problem in homes today. It causes orange staining on fixtures, as well as dingy clothes and sometimes can have negative effects on both hair and skin.

Sulfur is easily detected by the presence of a “rotten egg” odor, and is sometimes associated with yellow staining.

30 years of experience led us to our secret media that puts our filters ahead of the rest!

All of these problems can be eliminated with our

Island H2O Iron Plus with Special Media

We mix our own special media to best suit your well.

Then combine it with an oxidation process to give you the best possible system! 

Protect your Appliances